Why The Toilet Won't Flush

29 June 2023
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A toilet that doesn't flush is one of the worst bathroom disasters you can ever have because it means it prevents you from using the bathroom. Knowing why toilets sometimes don't flush can help you void the problems and solve those that occur fast. Below are common causes of toilet flushing malfunctions.

Low Water Volume 

The toilet needs water to flush, so it won't flush if the tank doesn't have enough water. The toilet might not have enough water if:

  • You have a water supply interruption in your neighborhood
  • Something damages or blocks your water supply pipes
  • The float, which cuts water flow into the tank at a certain limit, is incorrectly positioned
  • The toilet flapper, which controls water flow into the tank, malfunctions and allows continuous water flow from the tank

You can easily confirm whether the toilet has adequate water by lifting the tank lid and checking the water level. Consult a plumber for diagnosis and help if your neighborhood has a water supply, but your toilet or house lacks water.

Drain Clogging

The toilet's flushing action forces waste out of the toilet bowl into the toilet drain — the waste eventually flows through the main drain line. Thus, the toilet might not flush if the waste has nowhere to go. That means the toilet won't flush if someone accidentally drops a toy into the bowl and it blocks the drain.

Even blockages further down the line might cause problems. For example, blockages in the main drain line might cause waste to back into the house and prevent the toilet from flushing. In such cases, all drains in the house will slow down or block.

Disconnected Lever

Some toilets have a lever system that connects, via a chain, to the flapper as part of the flushing mechanism. The toilet won't flush if something disconnects the connection. A broken chain requires replacement, but you can easily reattach a loose connection. A plumber can also help you shorten a loose chain so it can hold the lever to a reasonable height for flushing.

Rim Jet Blockage

Water flows from the tank into the bowl through small openings under the toilet's rim. Over time, these openings block and restrict water flow. If you don't clean this part of the toilet for long, they might block and prevent toilet flushing.

Many toilet issues creep up if you don't maintain your plumbing system or once your plumbing system starts to age. Luckily, professional plumbers easily diagnose and solve such problems; you just need to call one.

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