Wastewater Aeration Systems — Maintenance Tips That Can Keep Them Working Great Long-Term

9 May 2023
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In order to effectively treat wastewater around a worksite, aeration systems are needed. They supply wastewater with the right amount of air to help break down pollutants. If you have said system and want it to perform great for a long time, take these actions. 

Create Tangible Maintenance Plans

To give maintenance for a wastewater aeration system more structure, you want to actually create plans for the maintenance steps you'll perform at specific intervals. You'll then find it much easier to stay organized and keep track of the maintenance over the years.

Just make sure you're as detailed as possible when breaking down the maintenance steps you plan to perform. For instance, if you plan to clean parts of this aeration system, make a note of which parts are the target and the products or resources they'll be cleaned with.

Continue to Check For Signs of Wear

If your site relies on a wastewater aeration system every day, then something you need to check for and stay on top of is natural wear. It's going to eventually happen, but early detection can help you repair the right parts before a more significant issue happens with this treatment system.

Some parts to check frequently for wear include the aeration system's piping and filter. If you start to notice signs of wear, you can intervene with a repair and thus keep your aeration system working great as a whole for many more years to come. 

Learn From Annual Inspections

Annual inspections are pretty important for any aeration system for wastewater applications because they check out major parts in an extensive manner. You'll just want to learn as much as you can each time one of these inspections is performed by a company.

When an inspector looks at your aeration system and collects results from this assessment, you want to be present with them when they explain their findings. Then you can learn more things about wear and tear, aeration system efficiency, and potential issues you might have to deal with in the future. You can ultimately take this knowledge and better care for your aeration system.

In order for a wastewater system to work effectively long-term, it needs an aeration solution. If you want yours to work great time and time again, then put effort into this system's maintenance. That will result in a well-performing aerator that you don't have to constantly worry about throughout the year. 

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