Features Of Portable Bathrooms

24 April 2023
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If it's been a while since you last used a portable restroom, then you may not have any idea what to expect from the newer models on the market today. A lot has changed in the portable bathroom industry, and plenty of models are spacious — and even luxurious — now. If you're planning to have a party at your home, you may not want to share your family's bathroom with everyone in attendance. This article covers notable features portable bathrooms can offer, making it easier to determine whether you should rent one for a party. 

Different Sizes Are Available

Events with a few guests in attendance ordinarily do well with basic models that only have a single toilet. However, larger parties mean more people need the bathroom facilities at once. There is the option of renting several bathrooms, but this requires more thought regarding where to place them, and additional work on the preparations. Another option would be to rent a larger model that has several stalls in one unit. The larger portable bathrooms can have several stalls, each with its own door for privacy. Some also feature two or more sinks, which helps to prevent a crowded bathroom full of people waiting to wash their hands. 

There Are Wheelchair Accessible Models

Go over your guest list and determine if there will be anyone coming to the party who uses a wheelchair. If you aren't sure, it may be best to err on the side of caution. The wheelchair-accessible bathrooms have more space, which allows someone to bring their wheelchair in and maneuver themselves around without added difficulties. The extra space can also accommodate an assistant in case someone requires help. There are other features, such as handrails, ramps, ground-level entrances, and more. 

Luxury Portable Bathrooms Are Available

What some people don't realize unless they've been in one is there are luxury portable bathroom rentals. They offer space, amenities, added luxuries, cleanliness, decor, comfort, and so much more. The luxury portable bathrooms don't look like portable bathrooms on the inside. Some of them are furnished and decorated in a way that's comparable to the bathrooms in high-end restaurants. They can have spacious sitting areas with comfortable chairs, side tables, and wall decor. There can be large dressing areas, which work great for weddings. There's also air conditioning, high-quality plumbing and lighting fixtures, comfort-height toilets, and even WiFi. Whether you choose basic or luxury portable bathroom rentals, you'll provide your guests with a comfortable space.