Learn About Your Septic Tank And When To Clean It

31 March 2023
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Have you recently moved into a home with a septic system? Is this your first time dealing with septic? If you answered yes to these questions, then this article's for you. It'll help you learn some important information about septic systems, so you can avoid horrible septic-related issues in the future. 

A Septic Tank Could Need Cleaning Sooner Than Expected

You may have been given an expected date of when your septic tank should be cleaned again. However, use this date as more of a rough estimate, because the tank may actually need to be cleaned sooner than expected. 

The more water that gets used in the house, the faster the septic tank fills. Therefore, if you have a larger number of people in your home than you anticipated, then the tank will need to be cleaned before the suggested date. 

The Septic Tank Can Warn You When It Needs to Be Cleaned

In the best-case scenario, you'll have your septic tank cleaned before it gets to the point of danger. However, if you let it go too long, you'll begin to experience problems. As soon as you see any signs indicating there's trouble, you want to have someone out to clean the tank. Some signs the tank needs to be cleaned can include: 

A great-looking lawn - As the tank gets full, the septic water can come out of the system and act as a natural fertilizer for the grass. While you may like having a great-looking lawn, having a full septic tank is not the way to approach it.

Gurgling pipes - If you notice your pipes are constantly gurgling, then you should have someone come clean your septic tank right away. This is a sign your septic tank is very full and things can quickly become more serious. 

Flushing issues - When the septic tank is full, it can cause the toilets to struggle to flush. If you ignore this issue much longer, the toilets and drains can back up. This would put sewage in the house and cause major issues for you. 

Foul odors - As the septic tank becomes too full, smells can start coming into the house. Not only is this hard to put up with, but it's also unhealthy to breathe for an extended period.


Now that you know what to watch for, you're in a better position to have your septic system cleaned before there's a major problem happening. To learn more, contact a septic tank cleaning service in your area.