Tips For Landlords Who Have Rental Properties With Septic Tanks

8 February 2023
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When you own rental properties, they will generally either have a septic tank or sewage lines for the local sewage system. If the former is the case for some or all of your rentals, you might be in need of some advice regarding your septic tanks. These are all helpful tips for landlords who have rental properties with septic tanks.

Have Them Pumped Frequently Enough

Any time that you own a property that has a septic tank, it's important to make sure you have the septic tank pumped on a regular basis. This is even more important with rental properties since tenants might flush things down the toilet that they shouldn't. If you have bigger units with large families living in them, more frequent pumping might be needed. If you talk to someone from a septic tank pumping service, they can let you know how often you should have the septic tanks pumped. Make sure you let them know about the size of the family that is living in the unit so you can get the right recommendations.

Educate Your Tenants About Proper Toilet and Tank Use

Make sure you tell your tenants not to flush the wrong things down the toilet and not to use harsh unclogging chemicals in the toilet. If you educate your tenants about the proper use of septic tanks for your properties, you can help ensure there aren't any problems.

Ask Tenants to Let You Know About Problems

Many tenants don't have much or any experience with owning properties of their own. This means that they don't always know about the different things that they should look out for when living in a home. For example, your tenants might not know about what issues to look out for in regard to the property's septic tank, or they might not automatically let you know if they do notice a problem. The best thing to do is let your tenants know that you want them to let you know if there is a problem with the septic tank. For example, let them know that they should notify you if they notice a sewage smell or if their toilets and drains aren't flushing like they are supposed to. If a tenant does let you know about one of these problems, you can call a professional septic tank service. Then, they can send someone out to take a look at the septic tank and can perform any necessary repairs before the issue gets worse.