Signs That Your Septic Tank System Needs To Be Cleaned

19 December 2022
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If you are the owner of your own home, and you have a septic system on your land, you need to take the necessary steps to maintain it so your plumbing works properly. There are some telltale signs that indicate it is time to contact a septic cleaning service to pump the interior of your tank and inspect it for problems.

Your Toilets Are Not Flushing Properly

If you find yourself needing to flush toilets more than once to get all of the contents to empty the bowls, your septic tank may be full and in need of cleaning. One toilet problem may require you to fix the appliance, however. If there is more than one toilet giving you problems, the septic system is usually to blame. Take the time to check the mechanics in each of the toilet tanks to see if all parts are working properly. If so, give a call to a local septic tank cleaning service to make an appointment for an evaluation.

An Unpleasant Odor Is Lingering Outdoors

A full tank will emit an odor as the contents are close to ground level. You may notice this odor when you walk outdoors near the tank area. It may seem intermittent and fluctuate depending on the weather conditions, humidity level, and wind. If you smell an odor regularly, contact a septic service right away. Failing to have the tank inspected can lead to plumbing troubles inside your home.

Water Is Backing Up In Sinks Or Tubs

When a septic tank is full, the pump that pushes liquid toward a collection area will need to work constantly. This often causes pumps to burn out as a result. It will have trouble keeping up with the liquid level inside of the tank, and you may find that discolored water makes its way into sinks or tubs at the lowest level of your home. It is best to call a septic service if you discover this happening so the problem does not worsen in intensity.

The Ground Near The Tank Is Always Wet

If the area near your septic tank or along the piping system underground toward your collection area is not dry, there may be a leak present that requires fixing. The liquid may be seeping out of the tank underground, leading to the moistening of the dirt and grass surrounding your septic tank. You may also notice puddles in the nearby area. If the ground does not dry up at all, call to get a cleaning and inspection right away.