Pumping Your Home's Septic Tank

30 November 2022
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Problems with your septic system can have devastating impacts on the home. While some homeowners may assume that there is little that they can do to minimize the risk of septic problems developing, pumping the system can actually be an effective and important step in avoiding these problems. 

Failing To Pump The Septic System Can Cause Damage To Both Your Home And Landscaping

It can be a routine mistake for individuals to underestimate the extent of the problems that can arise if they are failing to have their septic system pumped regularly. In particular, it is possible for this damage to occur to both the home and the landscaping. The home could be damaged due to drains overflowing as a result of the clogged or full septic tank. Likewise, a clogged septic tank will be more prone to developing leaks that could contaminate the surrounding landscaping and even underground water sources.

It Can Be Difficult For A Homeowner To Know Whether Their Septic System Needs To Be Pumped Until Noticeable Problems Develop

Unfortunately, a homeowner may not be aware that their septic tank is getting close to needing to be pumped until it has already started to develop noticeable problems. This could result in the home needing to have major repairs done as well as have the septic system pumped.

To avoid this potential outcome, a homeowner should have their system pumped on a regular schedule. This schedule can make it easy for them to preemptively pump the system before clogs and other problems will have a chance to form. For most homes, this will need to be done every few years to avoid issues. However, this can vary depending on the size of the septic tank that your home has installed along with the number of family members in your household.

Septic Pumping Will Cause Minimal Impacts To The Landscaping

Pumping the septic tank will generally have minimal impacts on the surrounding landscaping. This benefit is possible through the design of modern septic tank systems that will have an access port near the surface of the soil. This can make it possible to perform a number of different types of maintenance on the tank without having to dig up large portions of the landscaping. If you take great pride in the beauty of your landscaping, this can provide important reassurance. However, it can also limit the risk of potentially more significant problems arising with the system, which could lead to there being a need to excavate either the septic tank or the drainfield.

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