3 Ways to Tell Your Septic Tank Needs Pumping

23 March 2021
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Your home's hygiene largely depends on the quality of the waste management system you've invested in. The septic tank plays a critical role in the drainage system since it receives all the bathroom and kitchen waste flowing down the drain. As a homeowner, you must pay attention to your tank's installation, maintenance, and repairs if you want long-term service. 

One way to maintain your septic tank is through regular cleaning and pumping. Your tank and drainage will show some warning signs indicating a need for pumping. Below are the instances when you'll need to contact residential septic services for pumping.

1. Is the Lawn Greener?

When the septic tank is working properly and draining waste from the home, the water gets treated and released back to the ground through the drain field. In a well-functioning tank, the untreated water, which is full of ammonia and other plant-enriching nutrients, does not get into contact with the lawn. 

When the system starts failing, the water will saturate in your yard, and you might notice the wetness. Likewise, you will notice lush patches of green grass, which indicate that the tank contents are getting to the vegetation.

It is advisable to have the septic tank pumped when you notice the water leaching onto your compound. Pumping the tank on time preserves the elegance of your lawn and protects your family from health hazards. 

2. Does Your Home Smell Bad?

The second indicator that your septic might be failing is when both your indoors and outdoors start having unusual smells. The contents of the septic tank typically have a strong ammonia and hydrogen sulfide or rotting egg smell. If you notice this smell persistently in your home, your septic tank is starting to fail and needs immediate pumping. It is important to note that these smells can be extremely toxic, so get it taken care of soon.

3. When Was the Last Time You Pumped?

If you have not pumped your septic tank in a long while, it might be time to call residential septic services. Ideally, you should pump your tank after three years. Doing so prevents the accumulation of sludge in the system and unnecessary blockages. 

Contact a professional residential septic tank pumping service to help you assess your tank's condition and decide whether it is the right time to pump it. Regular pumping improves your drainage system efficiency and reduces health hazards in the home.