Rent Handwashing Stations For Your School's Campus

9 September 2020
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In the midst of the current pandemic, and because children will be returning to school, you may be trying to come up with a plan that will cut back on the amount of students who will be congregating in the bathrooms. Because the weather is still temperate in many areas and you may have decided to set up some outdoor classrooms, portable hand-washing stations will allow pupils and teachers to clean their hands, prior to and after each session that is conducted.

Choose Models That Will Fit Your Needs

Portable hand-washing stations consist of a single basin or several basins that are aligned next to each other. Some models contain foot pedals, which will activate the flow of water, and there are models that are designed similarly to ones that you would find in residential or commercial settings that have indoor plumbing. A model that resembles a standard sink will contain a faucet and knobs to turn the water on and off.

Choose stations that provide hot or cold water. Rental units will each contain a collection tank, which will store wastewater and disperse it through a plumbing system, prior to the water being deposited into the septic system. For a short-term rental unit, you may be supplied with stations that omit the plumbing that needs to be connected to the septic system and will only contain a tank, which will temporarily hold the wastewater.

Add Extras And Consider Additional Uses

Through a rental company that offers septic services and a full line of products, you can request that paper towel holders, soap and hand sanitizer dispensers, and wastebaskets are included with your order. After placing your order, decide where each rental will be set up. If the outdoor classes will be spread out on the school's campus, assign one station to each area where students and staff members will be spending time.

For a layout that includes one distinct area for classes and a rotating schedule, which will involve various classes being held at different times of the day, have multiple stations set up. Another way that hand washing stations can be an asset is by offering them during meal prep sessions. If there will be occasions when students will be eating their lunches outdoors and food prep workers will be serving the lunches, hand washing stations will allow employees and students to wash their hands as needed.

If you feel your school is vulnerable during the pandemic, consider a portable hand washing station today.