Four Common Signs You Might Need Water Well Repair Service

31 July 2020
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Having a water well on your property delivers the benefit of having a personal water supply, thus reducing or eliminating dependence on municipal water.

That said, your well might experience problems that can result in no water at all if left unaddressed for a long time. There are many things that could point to the need for well repair services, but some tend to be more common than others.

Here's a troubleshooting guide to help you know when your well requires urgent repair attention. 

1. Water pressure problems.

When your well is working properly, it should deliver water at a constant rate. If you're experiencing a drop in its normal flow rate, or the flow rate keeps fluctuating, that's a sign that your well pump may be failing.  

However, it's important to note that your water-pumping equipment isn't always to blame for a loss of water pressure in your water well system.

Underground water resources can get depleted over time, resulting in insufficient well water supply. In such cases, low water pressure may be accompanied by dirty water.

2. Noisy well operation.

Water well problems manifest themselves in different ways, including noise. Unusual noises, such as a humming motor, is an indication that your pump equipment isn't running despite having power.

Don't ignore any strange noises you notice during well operation.

3. Well pump runs non-stop.

Well pumps aren't designed to run constantly. They're supposed to shut off automatically once they've pumped enough water for your needs – that is – when the water tank is full.

If yours won't shut off and comes on at different intervals, you need to have it checked for repair to avoid running your well dry.

4. Spits of air sputtering out of your faucets.

Air blasts coming from your faucets are a tell-tale sign of leaks in the lines of your well water system. You should take this problem seriously because it means that you're losing water through leaks.

Having the leaks spotted and repaired post-haste is essential for getting water supply back to normal and preventing further wastage of water.

Excessive demand on your aquifers could also result in this problem, so you may need to start troubleshooting by checking your well water level.

Don't wait until you're out of water to call in a well repair specialist. Well repair issues should be addressed at the earliest signs of trouble to avoid extensive damage to well equipment that might result in expensive repair bills.