Family Moved In? You Might Want To Get Your Septic Tank Pumped

20 July 2020
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Most people who have septic tanks understand that they need to be pumped on a fairly regular basis. Missing this estimate could mean letting the septic tank overflow, which is something no one wants to go through. But if you've had family or friends move in with you suddenly, you may need to have this estimate revised. Here's why.

Septic Tank Estimates

When you have your septic tank pumped, most septic companies will tell you when they estimate you'll next need the service performed. This estimate is partially based upon the size of your septic tank, but it also takes into account how many people use it regularly. If you increase the number of people in your household using the facilities, this estimate can be thrown off, and your tank may need to be serviced sooner than you'd expect.

When it Overfills

You likely know that you should avoid letting your tank overfill at all costs, but you might not know the full extent of the damage it can create. In addition to making a mess of your yard, it can also cause critical damage to the septic tank itself.

When a septic tank overfills, the layer at the bottom of the tank continues to rise. This layer is separated from the fluids of the tank, meaning that this layer is thick. If it reaches the point of the drainage pipes that drain off fluids, it can clog the pipes and destroy them. At this point, replacing the pipes and possibly the entire septic tank may be necessary.

Get it Done

The best thing you can do right now is to make an appointment to have your septic tank pumped now. Even if it's not at risk of overflowing, there's no harm in having it drained, and you can get a new estimate at the same time. If it is close to overflowing, you'll be saving yourself potentially thousands of dollars in having a replacement tank installed.

In addition, if these new members of your household leave in the near future, you should call for septic servicing one more time to get a new estimate. You may be able to get one without having the tank pumped if it's not necessary at that point.

Determining when a septic tank might be full really is down to a science, but if the variables - meaning, the number of people in your home - change, then your last estimate may no longer be accurate. 

To learn more information, reach out to septic tank pumping services near you.