2 Tips For Renting Portable Restrooms For Outdoor Cold-Weather Events

22 September 2019
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If you are planning an outdoor event in the late fall or early winter, you need to make sure that all of your guests' needs are met, including bathroom needs. If you are planning to rent portable restrooms for your event, there may be a couple of challenges that you will face that you normally wouldn't during the warmer months of the year. To face some of these challenges, use the following tips when renting portable restrooms for cold-weather events.

1.  Prepare the Location in Case of Inclement Weather

The weather in the fall and winter is often difficult to predict. One day the sun may be shining. Then, the next day you may see rain, sleet, or even snow. Because of this uncertainty, you want to make sure you properly prepare the location of each portable restroom in case of inclement weather.

For the comfort of your guests, place the toilets near already standing structures, if possible, that will block cold winds. You may also want to place awnings over the toilets so that the area surrounding them stay dry.

As far as the bathrooms themselves, plan to place sturdy pieces of plywood underneath of them. If it rains, this keeps them from sinking. Or, if it turns snowy and icy, the plywood can help keep them from sliding while someone is trying to use the facilities.

2.  Consider Renting Heated Units

While it is possible to have unusually warm days in the late fall and even the early winter months, there is a good chance that the temperatures on the day of your event will be cold or even freezing. And, while your guests will be bundled up when they are outside enjoying the festivities, they may find the cold weather uncomfortable when they have to partially disrobe to use the bathroom.

To help keep this discomfort to a minimum, speak with the rental services to see if they have heated units available. These types of units tend to have thicker walls as well as have a heating unit to keep the bathroom warm. If you are expecting especially cold weather that day, you can also cover the unit with a thick blanket to help block the frigid air.

If you plan on hosting an outdoor cold-weather event, using the above tips can help you meet challenges that are not present in the summertime. For more information about using portable restrooms during colder weather, speak with a representative with the service through which you plan to rent them.