Should I Use Hydro Jetting With My Septic System?

28 July 2019
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When you have a clog in your septic system, you might be tempted to pour drain cleaner down the sink. However, drain cleaner and septic systems don't mix. An alternative to clearing out your clog with a drain cleaner is to use hydro jetting. However, you might wonder if hydro jetting is safe to use with a septic system.

Hydro Jetting Can Be Safer

Hydro jetting does not rely on any chemicals to clean out your drains. Instead, it relies on water that is blasted into the drain while pressurized. Because it only uses water, it is less abrasive toward pipes. Also, hydro jetting is more gentle on your pipes than clog-removing tools that are made from metal. The water is powerful enough to completely strip the drain pipe of grease and is also less expensive than repairing your pipes. 

Some Septic Systems Need Hydro Jetting

Whether or not your septic system will benefit from hydro jetting depends on the state of your septic system. When sewage is backing up through your drains, and your system is showing signs of failure, hydro jetting can be a way to get your system back on track. 

Hydro Jetting Can Eliminate Roots and Bad Odors

Hydro jetting is able to clear all of the clog, including any tree roots that might be clogging your drains. Any bacteria that was in your pipes that are contributing to foul odors will also be blasted through the process of hydro jetting. 

Hydro jetting is much more effective at reaching different areas of your pipes so that they can effectively remove clogs. One of the hardest places to remove clogs from is the header line, which connects your septic system to the drain-field. 

Hydro Jetting Isn't Right for All Situations

There are some cases where you should reconsider whether you should use hydro jetting. For example, if you have clay pipes, hydro jetting is more likely to damage them. However, clay pipes are an uncommon type of pipe in modern homes. 

While hydro jetting can be useful if you have a septic system, it doesn't necessarily solve the underlying problem. If you experience clogs in the header line, this can be a sign of a more serious underlying problem. You may be better off saving up money to hire septic services to solve the underlying problem. Septic services will find out exactly what is wrong and how to correct it.