Important Sewer Maintenance Tasks To Complete To Your Home

22 May 2019
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Your home's sewer system is an essential component of your home. Whether you are looking at buying a new home or already own a home that is on a sewer line or septic system, do what you need to for the sewer to continue working well. Here are some important steps you need to take to your home that is showing any signs of potential sewer problems.

Evaluate the Home's Condition

One of the first things to consider on a home you already own or one you are considering purchasing is the condition of the sewer or septic system and if it might need replacement soon. A home that is connected to the city sewer will have a lateral sewer line running below ground to the city's main sewer line, which can encounter damage and line collapse for one of several reasons.

For example, one of these reasons could be that your home that was built around the beginning of the 1900s and has a sewer line that was not built to last over 100 years. This sewer line may be at the end of its useful life, which will require its replacement. Or, if a home has been showing signs of sewer failure, such as repeated clogs despite snaking the line, you should proceed with professional treatments or a sewer inspection.

Complete a Sewer Inspection

When you are looking at buying a home, you will want to hire the necessary inspections and look at the home's systems to make sure they work properly. If your home is experiencing continual clog problems or sewer drains that are backing up into the home, it is a good idea to hire a professional inspection.

When you hire a professional sewer inspector to check the sewer lines, they will use a sewer camera to view the interior of the pipe and check its condition and any interior blockage or debris that may be causing your line trouble. Then, the inspector can recommend a course of repair for your sewer line, such as cleaning out the blockage or replacing the length of sewer lateral.

Don't rely on the city covering the cost of the sewer line's replacement, as you are responsible as the homeowner. However, you can look for a sewer line insurance, or if you are buying the home request the home seller replace the sewer line as part of the home purchase agreement.

Hire Professional Work

Hiring your home sewer line repair or replacement may require the contractor to excavate your yard to remove the old sewer line and install the new line. Or you can check into a replacement of the line with a trenchless method. With this repair method your contractor inserts the new pipe through the existing pipe site, only requiring the contractor to dig a hole at each end of the line's replacement. Talk to a company like Streamline  Plumbing about their recommendations and repair options.