4 Tips To Improve Waste Treatment With A New Septic Tank Installation

2 January 2019
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If you have an old septic system, problems like a failing tank and drain field may require frequent and costly repairs. Replacing the tank and improving your system is something that you will eventually want to consider. Today, there are options to improve the tank and other waste treatment features to reduce problems. Here are some tips to improve waste treatment with a new septic tank installation.

1. Lining Old and Outdated Tanks to Bring Them Up to Modern Standards

Old septic tanks are often made of metal or concrete materials. Metal materials will usually require the complete replacement of the tank, but concrete is a durable material that can be upgraded by installing a modern synthetic liner. If you have a concrete tank, having it repaired and lined with new liner materials can give it a new life and reduce the costs of repairs.

2. Adding Secondary Treatment and Pump Tanks for Improved Drain Field Distribution

One of the problems with older septic systems is the poor distribution of liquid waste, which can be improved with a waste treatment pump. To house the pump, a secondary tank is often needed. The secondary tank can be just a small tank to house the pump, or you may want to have a large secondary septic tank installed to improve the breaking down of waste in the tanks.

3. Distribution Boxes for Improved Drain Field Designs and Fewer Problems

Distribution boxes are important for the even distribution of effluent to drain fields. The problem is that many older septic systems do not have distribution boxes. If you are replacing the tank or doing improvements to the drain field, adding a distribution box can improve the performance of your septic system and help prevent problems.

4. Alarms and Access Risers to Make Maintenance and Repairs of Septic Systems Easier

Knowing when there is a problem with septic systems is important to prevent serious damage. Having an alarm to alert when the septic system needs to be pumped will help to catch problems before they cause serious damage. In addition, if you want to check your system for problems and maintenance, risers can make it much easier to maintain your septic tank and deal with problems.

These are some tips to help improve your septic system with the installation of a new tank and other improvements. If you need to improve your septic system, contact a septic service and talk with them about some of these improvements. To learn more, reach out to companies like Eckmayer Inc.