3 Mistakes That Can Be Made When Renting Portable Toilets

17 January 2018
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Are you planning a large outdoor event? If so, you'll need to start thinking about where all those people are going to go to the bathroom. Portable toilets can be the best option to give your guests some relief, but you don't want to make the following mistakes when planning your outdoor bathroom setup.

Not Renting Enough Portable Toilets

Nobody wants to wait in line when they need to go to the bathroom. That is why you should order enough portable toilets to meet the demands of your crowd. While there is not a simple formula that determine how many toilets you need, there are many considerations that you must think about.

For events under 4 hours, it's a good idea to have one portable toilet for every one hundred people that attend. Consider increasing the amount to about two or three portable toilets for every hundred people if you have an event that is longer than 4 hours, is serving alcohol, or has many more women than men. If you stick within these ratios, you should be fine, but you must be the judge because you know your event better than anybody else.

Not Renting a Handicap Portable Toilet

If you are not sure who will be attending your event, you do not want to be caught off guard when you have a handicap person that needs to use the restroom. Be sure to get at least one portable toilet that has handicap access, even if it is your only portable toilet at the event.

The nice thing about handicap portable toilets is that they have other amenities too. For instance, it is possible to get a handicap portable toilet that has room inside for a baby changing station. This can help give parents a place to change their kid's diaper while at your event.

Not Having Sinks

The most basic portable toilet only includes the toilet itself, and is missing a sink for your guests to wash their hands. You'll want to give your guests some place to wash up, which means upgrading the portable toilet to a model that has a sink. You can also rent a separate sink station that is placed near the portable toilets, which makes hand washing more accessible for everyone.

These are just a few mistakes that can be made when ordering portable toilets for your event. If you are not sure what you need, be sure to ask a local portable toilet rental service, such as Tom's Industrial Cleaning Service.