How To Tell When There's A Problem With The Main Sewer Line In Your Home

14 December 2017
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Although the plumbing system is an intricate network of different pipes and drains, all of it essentially flows into the main sewer line. This is the line which funnels the wastewater that has been used in your house to the pipes which lead to the sanitation center that serves your city. It's very important for your main sewer line to be completely free of clogs because if it becomes blocked it could lead to some very unpleasant problems in your home. Don't let such a serious issue sneak up on you without taking notice. Keep reading so you'll know when there is possibly a problem with the main sewer line in your home.

You Notice Strange Sounds Coming From Your Plumbing System

It's pretty normal for sounds to come from your toilet after you've flushed it. The toilet bowl is filling back up with water so it will be ready the next time you have to flush it again. However, what isn't so standard is for your toilets to start making noise even when you haven't touched them. If this happens, there could be an issue.

For example, you might have put a load of clothes into the washing machine and it has now entered the spin cycle. All of a sudden, you hear what sounds like a percolating sound coming from your toilet. The sound can be compared to what you hear when a pot of coffee is nearly done. It's a "drip, drip" sound that can be very loud if there is a major clog starting to form.

What this indicates is that there could be some interference between the washing machine and the toilet pipes. You may need to get a plumber on the case so you can figure out if the main sewer line is causing things to become crisscrossed.

Water Backs Up In Your Sinks Or Toilets

If wastewater is starting to back up in your sinks or toilets, it's almost a guaranteed sign that there is a clog on your main sewer line. There is no way for the water to evacuate the drains and so it has no choice but to come back up through the sinks and toilets.

Because the main sewer line is such an important part of your overall sewage system, it's best to let a professional handle any blocks that happen to be there. They have the tools and skills to handle the task in the safest possible manner. To learn more, contact a company like JPW PROPERTIES , INC.