Buying A Home With A Septic System: 3 Reasons To Complete An Inspection

1 September 2017
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Modern homeowners take indoor plumbing for granted. In order for wastewater and excrement to be safely removed from a home, septic systems are often used. A septic system is a closed waste system that funnels waste from a home into a tank buried beneath the ground's surface.

If you are purchasing a home that is serviced by a septic system, it's important to have the septic system inspected prior to completing the deal. Here are three reasons why a pre-purchase septic system inspection can be beneficial.

1. An inspection will reveal problems with the drainfield.

The drainfield plays a vital role in the performance of a home's septic system. Excess water is released from the septic system into the drainfield, where it evaporates over time. If a drainfield isn't functioning properly, wastewater could creep back through the pipes and into a home's drains.

Having a septic system inspected prior to completing the purchase of a home will allow you to determine if the drainfield servicing the home is functioning properly and identify any repairs that need to be made in order to keep the septic system from becoming a problem in the future.

2. An inspection will reveal problems with the septic tank.

Having a septic tank that is in good working condition is critical when it comes to the proper removal of solid and liquid excrement from a home. Since septic tanks are buried underground, they are subject to a host of contaminants on a daily basis. These contaminants could cause the septic tank to rust or deteriorate over time, leaving the surrounding area vulnerable to sewage leaks.

Having a professional inspect a home's septic system prior to completing a purchase will allow you to determine if the septic tank is intact, or if the tank needs to be replaced in the near future to ensure continued access to proper waste removal.

3. An inspection can serve as a bargaining tool.

Having a professional complete an inspection of a home's septic system before you complete the purchase of the property gives you a bargaining tool that you can use to negotiate the purchase price.

Septic system repairs can be quite costly, so you want the health of a home's septic system to factor into the cost of buying the home. If you will need to replace the septic tank or repair a malfunctioning drainfield, then you will want to deduct these repairs from the purchase price of the home.

Recognizing the benefits of a septic system inspection gives you the ability to utilize these inspections to help you avoid making a poor real estate investment in the future. Visit a site like for more information.