Understanding Your Septic System: When It's Time For Maintenance

13 May 2017
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You probably don't worry too much about your septic system on a regular basis. When everything is working fine, you only need to get your tank pumped out every two years and you keep on using the system without a problem. Issues begin when the system becomes overloaded, or simply starts to fail because of age. There are a number of reasons your septic can start to fail. Whether the tank is full, or your system is being inundated with materials that shouldn't be sent down the drain, you need to call for maintenance as soon as you notice any problems with your septic. Slow draining sinks, foul smells, or even standing water in your yard indicate that your septic system is not handling the waste.

Geting Your Tank Serviced

Your septic system should be pumped out every two or three years. If you have a large family and the system is getting used frequently, stay on the lower end of the spectrum and get your system pumped every two years. An overloaded system will break down, and you can cause damage to the whole thing if you don't get it pumped out.

If Your Drains are Slow

When the drains in your home are going slow, this means waste water is having a hard time leaving your home. This can mean there is a clog leading to your septic system, or that your system itself isn't working properly. When you notice a house wide problem with slow drains, this isn't because of a localized clog. Your septic system is not able to handle the waste water, and could be starting to fail.

When There's an Odor in Your Yard

If your septic system is starting to fail, the waste it is trying to handle will seep into your yard. You may notice a foul smell in your yard, or might even start to see puddles of standing water in your yard. If there's water and you haven't had rain, this water is waste water and needs to be avoided. Once your system fails to the degree of having waste water come to the surface of your yard, it is likely that you will need your septic system replaced.

Your septic system is designed to carry waste water out of your home. If you put grease, sanitary products, food peels and more down your drains, your septic system will become overwhelmed quickly. Pay attention to what goes down your drain to keep your septic system safe. Check out sites like http://www.jcparmenterhopkinton.com for more information.