Why A Drain Camera Inspection Is Critical For Any Homeowner These Days

24 March 2021
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Dealing with drain issues is something that no homeowner wants to think about. Unfortunately, drain problems occur when they are least expected, and their impact on your property is quite devastating. Getting a plumber to fix the clogged drains might not be a tall order, but identifying the clogs is the greatest hurdle. However, digital imaging makes it easy to identify any drain problem early enough. Carrying out a drain camera inspection should be the first thing you do once you suspect drain issues. The plumber uses the camera and other diagnostic tools to inspect the drains and spot the actual problems. Here's why a drain camera inspection is critical for any homeowner these days.

The Camera Precisely Spots the Actual Problem

If your drains are clogged, you need to know how far down the clog has gone. This is never an easy task without the right diagnostic tools, such as a drain camera. The camera helps you identify the debris and other things collecting in the drain pipes before they clog them. Without an advanced drain camera, you will only realize the problem when the debris buildup has formed a formidable obstruction. A plumber with a drain camera will inspect the drain pipes and spot the clogs without speculating or guessing anything. This helps them know how they should conduct the drain cleaning process.

The Camera Helps You Discover the Unexpected

Various things get washed down the drains in most homes. However, most homeowners assume that only food particles, grease, hair, and other kitchen waste end up in the drains. The truth is you may also get surprises during the drain camera inspection. Some of the things you least expect in the drains could be lodged there. For instance, diamond earrings, screws, and small coins could cause the clogged drains. And since you can't easily suspect or even spot them, let a plumber use a camera to inspect the drains for such items. Once they detect them, they will determine the cleaning solutions and techniques they will use to clear them.

The Camera Detects the Problem Before it Aggravates

Most homeowners spend more money fixing plumbing problems, particularly the clogged drains. If they had a way to detect them earlier, they could save some money. If your drain pipes are old, they are more likely to leak or develop some other problems. Usually, most pipes leak due to material corrosion, among other causes. Unfortunately, most leaks are hard to detect without a drain camera. Most homeowners know they have pipe leaks to fix during a drain camera inspection.

Cleaning the drains routinely is a great move. However, it's more appropriate to clean them after identifying the cause of the clog. That's why a plumber must inspect your drain pipes with a drain camera before they clean them.